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08-24-2012, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
I thought they retired years ago when Howard Stern came to town and buried them in the ratings.
They ended up on the same station as him a few years later doing the afternoon show. That guy Frosty was the most entertaining one with his scewed view of the world but he must have got sick of those other two. I stopped listening to them a when they were on KLSX.. it just kinda got old to me. Frosty laughing at babies dying in a microwave was hilarious. Wonder what the guy went on to do.

FYI... for anyone who cares, Tom Leykis is on TuneIn app M-F 3pm-6pm pacific live and the show repeats for the next 24 horus after that. The app and show are free. Not a huge fan of his but he can be entertaining and i really miss KLSX. That was the last good radio station. I listened to it regularly until it went off the air. People don't want to admit it but that station went down the tubes as soon as Howard left and the only reason Sirius exists today is because of Howard. His show isn't what it once was but I still find him entertaining. He just old and mellowed out now.

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