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08-24-2012, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Well, half of them haven't made the NHL, so I think they're the beginning of nothing right now.

If Darcy Regier is making his team plan, handing out contracts and such, on the assumption that a group of prospects, half of whom haven't played in the NHL and the other half of whom haven't proven much of anything yet, are going to turn into such gamechangers that he can plan his budget around letting go of his most established stars within two years, he's an idiot.

Ask yourself this: for 7.5 million dollars in two years, who do you think you'd be better off with, a 38 year old Shane Doan, or a 30 year old Thomas Vanek? Hell, you can have Vanek for less if you're proactive with him. How people are justifying signing Doan because we'll just go all Briere-Drury with our best players ina couple years is stupefying. You never let your best players walk for nothing, unless you're trying to tank. At least sign them and then trade them if they're replaceable for cheaper. That way at least you don't get nothing for assets that you spent a decade trying to build. And my bet is, no, Armia is not going to be better than Thomas Vanek in two years. Vanek will still be the #1 LW on this team, Pommers will still be our best RW. If you keep them and let kids develop around them and fill out 4 scoring lines, then maybe you're a contender (or at least close, close enough that you could spend that Doan money on somebody to push you over the top). If you let him walk and throw a bunch of 20 year olds into our top 6, with Shane ****ing Doan riding the third line, you're rebuilding.
you just happen to be someone who delusionally believes in players who have failed for so long.

I think 30 yr old vanek will be as effective as a guy near retirement. vanek doesn't keep himself in good shape... the wear on his body will show very quickly... his skating is garbage, and he already has a history of getting dinged up and losing his effectiveness late in seasons

re-signing vanek is not an option

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