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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
So your plan is:

1. Turn over the keys to kids who've never played int he NHL
2. Trade your current best forwards (for what? Presumably for something much cheaper than them, since you describe letting them go as a salary problem fix. Presumably not top 6 players, I have to assume, or else you're just moving laterally.)
3. Let Shane Doan be the mentor that turns Grigorenko, Girgensons, Armia etc into a cup winning core at age 20.

Confirm or deny this, and try to talk substance and not tone.

If this is true, why not start moving Vanek and Pommer now, while their value is high? And what would you look for in return for them that would, in your mind, be the complementary pieces that would allow our prospects to form a cup-winning core?
cup CONTENDING core... in 2016

Myers 26
Hodgson 26
Ennis 26
McNabb 25
Foligno 25
Pysyk 24
Armia 23
Grigs 22
Girgs 22

not all of that talent will work out...
do you believe that they wont balance the core out with veteran talent?

i would let vanek walk (prefer trade at 2014 deadline) because i believe the talent in the pipe will be showing promise by then...

i cant confirm or deny the way you selectively try to frame my opinion... an opinion that you dont seem to grasp

i was all for moving ALL of the rochester core 2 years ago, and last year... when it was clear that this core was never going to contend... but at this point, we've added hodgson, girgs, and grigs... to ennis, foligno, and mcnabb... id rather see those guys win some with some decent talent around them.. and get that experience.

its a phased rebuild

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