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Originally Posted by Justified View Post
I like Mark Grace. But Im under the opinion that you should go to Jail for 30-60 days for a first time offense, let alone a second one. The punishments are too lenient most places and all it takes is one time for a person to get behind a wheel drunk to destroy an entire family.
Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the country. Hell, you can get arrested in AZ for a DUI without even driving the car, truck, etc.

Lets say you walk out of a bar drunk and your car keys are in your possession, the police can and will arrested you for a DUI on the basis of probable cause.

Hell, I knew a guy who was sleeping in the back of his truck drunk and was going to drive in the morning when he sobered up. The police woke him up at 3AM in the parking lot while telling he they can arrested him for a DUI. He didn't get arrested for seeing that the police told him he better get someone to give him a ride home at that very moment.

What that being said, I would be shocked if the book on the 2nd offense wasn't thrown at Mark.

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