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Originally Posted by Guido Sarducci View Post
It's the Flames by a mile. Pretty much every move Feaster has made makes the Flames softer. Although most "enforcers" play the wing the foundation if team toughness comes from the D.

BOUWMEESTER- Perhaps the softest big minute D man in NHL history. Nobody is afraid of his smooth skating. Like Mike Peca said, he is a pleasure to play against. That's what the Flames throw at their opponent 25+ minutes a game.

BUTLER- Like Bouwmeester, but less skilled and even softer.

GIORDANO- Tough as nails and plays with grit. However, played with much less of an edge in 11/12.

WIDEMAN- Maybe someone who knows more about him can comment. But from what I have seen and heard, he is not very intimidating.

SARICH- Finally, someone who actually makes opponents keep their head up. He hit hard, and hits to hurt, and clean hits too. But he will play third pairing minutes at best, often a healthy scratch last season.

BRODIE- Good young D Man with a bright future. Also a soft player though.

SMITH- A useful player when used correctly. But on a physical level, doesn't scare anybody.

BABCHUK- A 6'5" player that plays 5'6"

So of 8 D, the Flames have ONE guy that you have to watch out for. And he plays 3rd pairing or not at all. And the softest of the soft, well they get the most minutes. The softest team in the league is the Flames, and by quite a wide margin. Maybe Jiri Hudler will help!

I know that this is the softest D in Flames history. I wonder where it would rank in league history. And what was Feaster thinking when he let Hannan go?
No doubting Calgary is soft. However, I don't know if I'd call them the softest in the NHL. Keep in mind that the Carolina Hurricanes look like a ballerina squad right now. Gleason and Harrison are the only guys on their defense that play with some snarl.

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