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What I Did

Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
Let's play the same game with your method that you're playing with Iain's. How many of your "star" graded prospects have succeeded in the NHL? And how many have failed? And how many stars did you scout, but miss?

I'll of course ask for something published several years ago, and not just a retrospective thing that you whip up today.

(I've always found it interesting that you have had the same reaction to this as a lot of traditional scouts had to the "Moneyball" concepts when they were first proffered - now it's easier to see why. You have a vested interest in the "old guard".)
I just applied methodology passed down over the years modified to fit circumstances dictated or modified by rules and regulations. Examples - changes in the hockey calendar year, bumps in age groupings, eligibility issues. Flattered that people think anything was my method.

Not what I did. Clearly stated Bantam / Midget / Junior which is far short of scouting/grading for the NHL. Basic objective was to get every deserving player a fair opportunity without sway from the politics of youth hockey. Usually there is a consensus of the top 10 Midget AAA players in a region. Getting all worthy players a chance to compete for the remaining spots is the challenge

My only interest is that hockey is better tomorrow than it was yesterday or today. That certain aspects of pre O6 hockey are coming back fascinates me. There are very positive programs in place since the last five years which have brought hockey in Quebec back to the private schools,a few public schools, colleges. Also the former pros including former NHLers getting involved in youth hockey is a step back to the future.No different than what was happening in the fifties and sixties.

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