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Originally Posted by JuniorNelson View Post
Ridiculous comment.

The Canucks in win now mode? The Canucks are in CBA hell with the rest of us.

If Kane is available and I doubt that, then the Canucks owe it to themselves to make a play for him. Edler, Schnieder, Ballard and Booth do not have NTCs (which are regaurded as holy by Gillis). A pair of these players (not both defensemen) is almost all the Canucks could manage, there are few prospects.

What about Ballard and Booth?

Edler and Booth?Worries about Edler not signing are legitimate concerns, he'd have to be signed first.
Edler is a great piece but redundant on the Jets due to the two big offensive d-men already there, plus he's a UFA in a year (a lockout year, no less). He would have to be signed, but re-signing in Vancouver would probably mean an NTC, which he likely wouldn't waive. Booth is a decent winger, but moving Kane leaves a big hole in the Jets scoring, and also the Jets don't really have a similar type player in the system to replace Kane.

What about Edler and Schnieder?
See above for Edler. Making a move for Schneider is terrible asset management by the Jets, making their 5-year, 3.9 million dollar goalie signed 2 months ago, redundant.

My point is, that something could certainly be done, if there was the desire.
Of course there could. Your proposals aren't taking into account the needs of the Jets, just pieces on Vancouver you think have big value. Of course they have big value (although Booth and Ballard less so), but you also have to think what the other team needs. Kane doesn't have much in the way of negotiating power anyway, if he wants a trade, which everyone involved has said that he hasn't, and some reporter in Regina has come up with some crazy story that he wants to be the face of the franchise, etc, and that Schiefele, a 19 year old with 7 NHL games under his belt, is somehow already threatening that.

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