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Originally Posted by Justified View Post
Those are stringent laws. In New Jersey it is a joke. I had a friend killed by a drunk driver who already two offenses and was driving without his license when the fatal accident occurred. In the two cases you mentioned I think that is ludicrous to get a DUI, I just feel if you get behind a wheel drunk and get caught, you should go to jail (even if it is your first offense).
I'm sorry for your loss and there does need to be stricter DUI laws all around but I don't want it to be where in some countries, the 1st offense leads to an execution. You're right about about the AZ laws as well since the laws are more designed to generate money for the state than go after those who are commiting such acts. Besidies almost people who go to the bars anyways either have a DD or they walk to and from the bars.

Going back to Mark Grace. He needs help to quit drinking but he needs to be in prison down in either Florence AZ(Home to AZ's Death Row) or Buckeye AZ 1st before that so he can learn a valuable lesson.

Ashame seeing he has the money to not do this kind of **** seeing he can at least afford a home in one of the more affluent parts of Arizona.

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