Thread: Speculation: Acq/ Rost. Bldg./ Cap Part XVI
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08-24-2012, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post

This is one those seeming dichotomies that is really not one. If the Caps are legit competitors...ever...or if they actually win the bloody thing then the Caps will be a viable business immediately and for the long-term.

On a related issue, the last CBA was awful. I can't believe the owners gave such a sweetheart deal when they had the players' association on the ropes. So it's likely impossible to know a good business plan from a bad one with an irrational CBA as a core document of the league.
good points and you may well be right. Ted has his sell outs, he doesn't need a cup. He just needs the fans to see we have a chance at a cup to sell out.

The teams entertainment value took a hit last year under Dale, so it reinforces what you saiy.

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