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12-04-2003, 11:57 AM
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I'll agree and disagree with most of what the original psot was but here's my thoughts with some insights from "sources" too.

1) Zach Parise is a good player. Marc-Antoine Pouliot is too. As one scout described it to me... "the differences in pros and cons were miniscule". However, the biggest reason they took Pouliot is because he never gave up and played his ass off all season on a ridiculously crappy team last year in Rimouski. They lost something like 36 games STRAIGHT... many players would let that frustration show and he didn't. Also, if there was a knock against Parise it was that he looked tired near the end of the season... not a really big deal but noteworthy.

Add to the equation that with the trading dow it enabled the Oilers to draft J.F. Jacques too and now you have to look at it this way: Pouliot+Jacques > Parise.

So I disagree with you on that point.

2) Hudler went 59th overall so A LOT of teams passed on him, not just the Oilers. Still, before the 58th pick the Oilers drafted 4 players... Niinimakki, Stoll, Deslauriers and Greene and I wouldn't trade any of them one for one for Hudler today.

So I disagree there too.

3) Tough to forsee back then that Tommy would slide as far as he has. Back then it was a steal to have locked up Salo for that price for so long. Hindsight is 20/20.

4) This one I completely agree with you on. Ryan Smyth needs to be back there ASAP.

5) They tried to sign Comrie... many times. The only reason Mike isn't playing for the Oilers today... is Mike.

6) Last year I assume? Agreed.

7) They showed patience with Poti which, if it had of paid off, we would all be thankful for now. I thnk they did great in the trade though.

8) you say potato, I say who cares? Like Brown would have one us a series?

9) We won that trade. Bobby Allen has a future... maybe in the NHL but maybe not. Sean Brown is done like dinner.

10) Agreed. Tough trading Grier away for picks but that was a deal done to make room for Dopita's salary. It's only bad because Dopita bombed so badly.

11) Not fair to say one way or the other yet. Ask me again in two years when Mikhnov is on the second line in Edmonton. (crossing fingers).

12) There's that hindsight again. I guess the 14th, 15th and 16th teams were idiots too though?

13) Like St. Louis was that dumb. Lowe was held hostage on that one and did the best he could under the circumstances.

14) Agreed.

15) Who misses Anson Carter??? Too bad about Niinimaa true but life goes on. Comrie???? His camp is the bad guy in this movie in my opinion.

16) Drafting Kelly over Doan was bad bad bad. But it was done by other management. Prendergast is the only one who was around then and he was just a scout under Barry Fraser. Blame Fraser and Sather not the current organization for that one.


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