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08-24-2012, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Henriks Broadway Hat View Post
I think they have specific video game rules- if there's commentary over it, a montage, you're fine. You can't just play the game and not do anything else.

I don't know about the History Will Be Made ones.

Did they send you an email? There should probably be a link that tells you what to do. You have to apply for partnership first. It could take anywhere from a day to 6 months for them to accept or deny you. You should probably have at least 100K views, a few thousand subs, and make videos at least once a week.

There other thing might be that they want to monetize a specific video. You'll get money, but you won't be able to put a banner on your channel, have that logo above your videos, etc.
Is there anyway to check if you have been accepted or not? I'm pretty sure they sent me an invitation long ago and i accepted (or got accepted) but like i said, at the time i didnt really bother with it and i am

and yea for video game stuff its either montages or highlights (like MLG ESPN for example)

I have almost a million total views for my channel..but only 70 subscribers ()

EDIT - Don't know if it matters but in my setting it asks me if i want to allow Ads along-side my videos

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