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Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
I'll try to make it simple to understand.

During the season when players are placed on waivers almost every team is set with personnel. This would include NHL rosters as well as AHL teams. Most teams enter a season with a starting goalie, a backup, and at least two more in their system.

When the regular season is coming to an end in the NHL/AHL, scouts and other personnel begin to work on evaluating players for next seasons rosters. This is when most openings would become available for goaltenders.

Teams rarely acquire back up goaltenders during a season, unless there is a slew of injuries at the position from their NHL back up down to several goalies on the farm club.

As history and the facts show, back up goalies are acquired 95% of the time in the off season when teams are actively looking to solidify and deepen the position. No one is shopping for waived goalies in January, unless they are GMing an X-Box franchise on NHL 13 in their mothers basement.

Ask an NHL personnel guy if teams scout the waiver wire in the middle of January looking for back up goalies, or if teams primarily fill the position during the off season. My firm has represented people in the game for 20+ years. I know how it works chief.
lol your "firm" sure chief

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