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Originally Posted by FromTheSide View Post
Is there anyway to check if you have been accepted or not? I'm pretty sure they sent me an invitation long ago and i accepted (or got accepted) but like i said, at the time i didnt really bother with it and i am

and yea for video game stuff its either montages or highlights (like MLG ESPN for example)

I have almost a million total views for my channel..but only 70 subscribers ()

EDIT - Don't know if it matters but in my setting it asks me if i want to allow Ads along-side my videos
I think you might be a partner, but you don't have Adsense set up. You have to do that first, and then link it with your YT account.
Almost a million video views, not channel views, right? as long as you have the views, you're good. YT doesn't care about subs that much if you're in the millions in views.

It might be that your entire account is authorized for monetization too. Basically, it means that you can automatically puts ads on your vidoes without waiting for YT to email you about one video. You'd be getting money, but can't take full advantage of partnership benefits. In your settings, do you have a partner settings tab, or something like that? Or is it a monetization tab?

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