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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
I'll be skeptical until I hear mass market feedback and/or use it myself. I believe the most important parts to puck feel are going to be the foam core, carbon blade weave, construction and finally resins in that order (nothing really to back that, just imo). The One.9 will not have the Power Core II that the One95 had but shares the same 3K carbon weave. Not sure if that will make it a clone in terms of feel so we will have to see. For now, I'm taking that as effective marketing of a pricepoint product.
yea, i'm also worried the 'soft' blade feel may have had something to do with the lack of the new (as per article) 'pure shot blade profile, ie thicker throat' which takes away defelection, that is in the newer sticks like the totalone.

also i wonder if the fact that the one95 wasn't a 'true' one peice versus the new 'true' onepiece totalone/one100/one.9

Originally Posted by Baggy Spandex View Post
I love to tell you, but brand new flagship sticks are ridiculously priced nowadays. Companies are pricing people out of using them, technology be damned.
if i can find the same feel as the one95 i'll gladly pay top dollar for it.

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