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Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
Good point, T-Mob was always a doping **** show (especially when Bjarne Riis was the team leader).

I've heard unsubstantiated rumors that Kloden paid to make a doping violation go away at some point. No idea how serious of one it was alleged to have been though.
I think you are referring to him paying a 25,000 euro fine in the 2006 Frieburg doping case to stop investigation. As per german law it is not an admission of guilt. Stupid, but thats what it is.

I have a theory that Kloden was content to be domestique(to Ullrich, Vino, Contador, Armstrong) even though he was capable of winning the race himself and was even in that position a few times. Its like he was afraid that the target would be on his back if he ever won the TdF.

Originally Posted by octopi View Post
How'd he destroy them? called them liars? Sued them?
You can start by reading up on his very public bullying of fellow cyclist/doper Fillipo Simeoni during the 2004 TdF and turning the peleton against him, or the threats and harassment meted to Frankie Andreu's wife by Armstrong and co. Armstrong had enormous clout with the media, the sponsors and the peleton. He absolutely had no moral compunction to use that clout in every way possible to browbeat his opponents into submission.

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