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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Oh No, again I have to post FACTS so everyone can understand why the Expos went bye bye.

The real reason the Fans stayed away is simply they had been lied too over and over again.

For years MBL had promised MTL that a level playing field was just round the corner. That a salary cap was to be added and therefore no more Expos players would be leaving due to BIG contracts offered by the 6 BIG US teams. Year after year the expos had great players be outright bought right off the roster and go to the BIG US TEAMS.
You know who they are. Unlimited funds to offer CRAZY MONEY.
It became clear the Expos were part of the MBL minor league feeded teams to the BIG clubs. After over 20 years of loyal fans the bottom started to drop out as more and more fans came to realize things will never change and that every year MLB would LIE to the fans again in order to keep attendance up and money rolling in.
Any time the Expos had a few great players come up from the minors and become a real talent BOOM, Some BIG club would just offer the kid a billion bucks and whoosh GONZO to the BIG team.
As a fan you can hope and hope and hope some more and for years believe all the LIES that a level playing field was coming next year.

We the Fans Gave up. You want proof? It's been 8-9 years since the Expos packed it in and WHAT,,, STILL NO level playing field.

I never want to see MLB ever again until it's fixed. I don't watch it on TV, I don't follow any of it. It's a dead sport to me.

If they fix it, they will come.
Well said, don't think I could have done better myself. And I too, once a huge Expos fan, have become totally disenfranchised with MLB. Those who think the city just didn't want a team don't have a clue.

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