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04-30-2006, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by sc37
I got flat feet..and semi-wide. I'm in the same situation as you...been wearing CCMs. I've heard the Bauer Supreme...2090, 5090, 8090 are realllly wide and might be something to look into. They got classic Supremes which I hear are a little bit less wide than that.

Missions, idk much about. I do have a pair of Mission for roller...and the 11D as compared to my CCM 9D...they are narrow. But if you can find some in E, there are good deals out there for Mission skates like the s5000 right now.

Not to hijack...I'm personally looking at Bauer Vapors and the CCM Vectors. I'm about to buy the Vapors in 8.5EE, I liked the fit. I reallly like the new Vectors, cept couldn't get my hands on any today. Is the fit similar to Vapors, etc? Any pros and cons on each?
Vapors have a tendency to break down. They are a narrow fitting skate as well. Not sure how they compare to the Vectors.

As for the original question. Try and hunt down some Graf 609s in your size. I have a wide flat foot and they work have been great for me. I like Mission as a company and their products in general, so I try and support them. There skates are top quality, and the company has really good customer service. If they fit and feel good, definately consider them. The 8090 and Nike V series may be up your alley as well, and both are good skates which can be found on closeout.

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