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08-25-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
A contender doesn't need a backbone in the sense that there's one top line that delivers all the offense every game. A contender can be a team with 4 scoring lines, in which no two players are the fulcrum. Last year we had one scoring line for most of the year, and then two down the stretch, but who knows how long the "Ennis magically tries center and everything turns to gold" run will last.

You're basically saying that if these guys can't carry the team by themselves, then they have no place on a cup winner. I'm saying they surely do, but you surround them with better players. Maybe even players that outflank them. I'm not advocating "repeating the last few years" because in the last few years we never actually did surround them with better players. So I see the kids not growing up into juggernauts by themselves, but perhaps good enough to balance an offense that retains what we already have.
Well said.

I'm confident Regier isn't dumb enough to hand this team to a bunch of unproven kids in 2-3 years.

I'm also amazed posters think it makes sense to just throw away players like Vanek/Pommer based on the ridiculous premise that they didn't "carry" the team anywhere. Or the insanity of expecting all of these unproven youngsters and prospects to carry the team in a few years.

Well built and deep teams win Cups. It would make far more sense to re-sign them and if these kids start hitting their potential. We could have a very deep and well built team. You know, the kind that wins Cups.

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