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08-25-2012, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by the gazur voit View Post
Why not trying to stay realistic too?

I know you guys are comfy at bottom dwelling since you get these nice picks, but seriously, the Oilers are ready to start kicking some arses. Making the right little trades could work great.

1- Kaberle brings more to a team then what Belanger brings. This is a matter of opinion but I'm sure I would be in the majority thinking that. Belanger has been sucking for a while, well before playing for Edm.
2- You guys don't have depth at D + they're young + they have history with injuries (like a lot of other teams including MTL)
3- It cost more to get more. Little fixes can help get you far.
4- Kaberle's might not work out. But you'd be a fool not to try for free (or almost for free)
5- You have the cap space.

Be upset at my "why would the Oilers want to get better?" comment as much as you want, but this is the feeling I get everytime I read an Oilers trade thread involving them getting a more experienced player. And this one isn't even giving up something of value or a young guy.
I doubt you'd be in the majority. At this point Kaberle is a PP specialist, something the Oil don't need help in. Belanger is a faceoff and PK specialist, something that does fill a need. Plus he's cheaper.

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