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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
And that's the big IF regarding the Oilers. They can't build the proper depth if they have to start signing tough cheques. Likewise, they might have trouble keeping players long term. I know if I was Eberle, I'd take advantage of a sooner unrestricted free agency before the next CBA eliminates that. I'd go to arb.

Look at the Islanders and how they've had to lose some players to F.A, and then look at the Blackhawks having to dismantle after winning the cup. Had the Blackhawks lost that year, they might not have ever won the cup until their next rebuild because they had to dismantle so bad. Even though the cap has increased every year, the Oilers window for a very deep team is closing soon.
I don't think resigning their players is that big of a deal lets assume that in 2 years the cap is around what is today they could sign Eberle, RNH, Yak to Hall like deals and still have over 35 million in cap space to sign defenseman and a goalie, and if Dubnyk does become the decent starter that I think he will be they could resign him for a decent value at around what he gets now and still have over 30 million to spend on defense and support players and only be 1 year away from Horcoff's contract ending and giving them another 5.5 million to spend.

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