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Originally Posted by fanofdo View Post
Really? Let me get this straight. The parking lots were built with taxpayer money already and now we are going to pay $2 per game. These guys won't be satisfied until they run the franchise into the ground. I really wondered what the attendence will look like this year without the parking fees, this will be interesting.

As for Jacko, Tigers1992 said it best, "How many coaches have been hired and fired in Sarnia over the past few years? At some point, you have to ask, maybe there are other issues?"

Last year I posted several times regarding the organization's poor record, and posted several stats on wins, playoff wins, GF and GA that clearly show that this organization is ranked in the bottom quarter of almost all statistics. I went back and cautioned the excitement regarding JB, stating he was unproven as a coach and it takes a solid organization behind a coach and GM to be successful.

This organization will never be even moderately successful under the current ownership, period. Last year was a very good opportunity to change the way the league percieved the Sting - they blew it. Same old tired routine, same old result.

The good news is that every year a new group of keeners comes forward to defend the organization before having their heart ripped out. I said it last year quite a few times - the best thing that can happen here is to have the current ownership sell. Their record speaks volumes.
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