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08-25-2012, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by STL fan in IA View Post
I don't see Grachev as having top-6 potential at all. I see him as having the potential to be a Russian equivalent to Brad Winchester. In not overly high on Grachev but I do think he has a decent shot of becoming a full-time NHLer...if he's willing to stick it out that is. He's already paid his dues in Jrs and the minors more that most Russians typically seem willing to do but he's going to have to pay some more dues IMO and even then likely won't be a big time player IMO so I could see him eventually returning to Russia. Many Russians are good enough for the NHL but return to the KHL to play a bigger role there in their home country for as just as much money.

What I really find funny here though is that I voted for Grachev in this poll but don't think overly highly of him while a few who seem positive about his future and potential voted for someone else!
I don't know about that. Grachev's still only twenty-two years old, and we all know that the bigger players - especially European players - normally take much longer to develop than their smaller counterparts. He's a skilled player on offense (although he does need to start using his size more), and his defense and effort, from what I saw, weren't lacking at all. Aside from that, he's stuck it out through the Canadian Juniors (unlike other players like Kabanov) and two AHL teams (unlike Filatov and Tikhanov) without ever going to Russia.

I don't think he's a top-six player by any means, but he brings so much more to the table than Winchester, and I think that he's much more willing to make a career in North America than a few other Russians I could mention. In my opinion, he's earned this spot.

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