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Originally Posted by RedBaronIndian View Post
First of all, real mature way of debating by calling me a hater. Looking back, what he did Simeoni was nothing short of bullying. If I remember correctly, Italian authorities threatened to bring witness intimidation case against Armstrong as Simeoni was expected to testify against him. Also do you deny Mrs Andreu being targeted by Armstrong after she refused to slander David Walsh in public? I gave the 2 most obvious examples. There were many others who were targeted similarly.

Secondly please look at little bit about my posting history about Armstrong before calling me a hater. Armstrong to me is a disgraced hero, the man who once got me interested in the sport of cycling.

Also "they all did it" is such a cop out excuse. I dont care that they all doped, what I care about is that he doped.
1) I did not call you a "hater."

2) Besty Andreu deserves everything she gets, the women has some serious issues and this comes from personal experience with her that did not involve me discussing Armstrong in any way with her.

3) I did not use "they all did it" as an excuse I simply refuted the BS you guys are spewing about Armstrong being the only one who denies or the one who shunned Simeoni. Very clinic like! Twisting things to mean what you want them to mean so you can go after the poster.

4) nice job completely avoiding my points about the peloton and Simeoni. Also very clinic like. Seriously, go join that forum you would be embraced for your attitude.

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