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08-25-2012, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
Don't use logic now, just wait til how fanatical he will get if his least favorite players don't get traded, I'm sure every false statement and hyperbole will be spewed for the next couple years, even longer when Vanek is re-signed
im not worried about it... there is very little chance vanek is re-signed

How about this Jame, since you say Vanek and Pommers Need to go because they haven't led us anywhere, I feel the same about Sekera. Let all 3 go. Sekera is a big loser anyway
pommers doesn't need to go.

good comparison w/ sekera

Sekera has won only one playoff series his whole life in 05-06 juniors, so obviously he is a loser who has led our team nowhere, according to James sound logic which never has personal bias' get in the way of his opinion ( ) he needs to be let go in order for our team to get better.
yes, because sekera has had the same responsibility, contract, role as the other two... i know you are desperate to make some sort of point about how stupid i am, so changing the subject makes sense...

Or does it only apply to guys like Ennis Vanek and Pominville that they are losers? Cannot wait for the spin on this one.
when did i say ennnis was a loser?

i guess you could say it only applies to those who have been part of a core expected to win for the last 5 years... and were paid like it over that period.. and all they have to show is 2 first round playoff exits

i know you have excuses for them (injuries, depth around them, etc)

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