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Playoffs Post-Mordor (Sane edition)

We've all had time to deal with what happened, and since then we have seen how the Management has reacted to it this offseason.

Semin was let walk. Hunter refused to try again, which surprised me and I think there is more to this decision than loving teaching youngsters, but then again Saban here at Alabama loves teaching enough to not bother with the NFL again, even though he could get an NFL job.

What did you like about our playoffs and what do you hope they don't repeat?

I liked the in-game, active coaching and adjusting, shifting minutes, wheathering storms, saving key players energy for making pushes, etc. We won alot of those games on bench strategy, IMO, for what it's worth. In this respect, specifically, I'll miss Hunter.

I didn't like turtle heavy focus. We need better defense so we don't have to turtle to survive a desperate team that's down 1 or 2 in the final 10 minutes. We need to be more a transition team, that turns it up fast, and we couldn't without risking some slow poke getting caught up ice.

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