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08-25-2012, 01:37 PM
Johnny Hoxville
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This is really tough, and I think the teams will finish within 6 points of each other with the difference depending on injuries resulting in who will finish higher.

The way I see it, I give an edge to the Oilers in top 6 (as others mentioned) and PP units. I think the Flames have an overall better forward corps though (that has gotten much younger) and we have a better defence and MUCH better goaltending.

Because the top 6 gets the majority of minutes, I expect the Oilers to be the better offensive team over the Flames (although I don't think by much). And while the Flames should definitely have a better defence than the Oilers, I also don't expect the gap to be by that much as there as are some concerns as to how well the Flames will be in their own end.

All in all, both teams could make the playoffs, I think it will come down to injuries.

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