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08-25-2012, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
Usually it is

We'll go with the 5 pm draft time.

And yes Ogre, IDPs aren't too valuable on their own. I like using IDPs over team defense because it tends to reward active users who take the time to actually update their roster and line-ups weekly.

As for more worthwhile than a gotta remember that the difference between the 8th best kicker in fantasy football is basically indiscernible from the 20th best kicker...and we've got 12 teams. Projecting IDP worth is difficult, but the difference between a top tier fantasy cornerback(usually not the same thing as a top tier real life corner, as nobody is going to throw to them meaning they're not going to get many tackles or chances at interceptions usually) and a middling corner is definitely much higher.

I've won a couple fantasy titles on the backs of my defensive players before. Getting an extra couple points here and there from having an Ed Reed in his prime is definitely more valuable than any one of the three kickers I'll tend to go through in a season
well right, just looking at the top of each list.

got my excel sheets up and running. this **** just got real. too bad that doesn't help me know anything about depth chart changes or anything like that

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