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08-25-2012, 02:11 PM
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In case any of you guys care here is a Sox fan breakdown for you.

Adrian Gonzalez: Probably going to win the NL MVP next year. He had a horrible (for him) first half of the season this year, but has been his old self since the All-Star break. Was great last year. Like anybody playing Dodger Stadium is homerun totals won't be astronomical, but he's a Triple Threat Guy. You will love him. Some shoulder issues, but no one has ever been totally clear on how bad they may or may not be.

Carl Crawford: NO ONE KNOWS! Seriously, the dynamic, Red-Sox murdering Tampa Bay Carl never showed up at Fenway. Last season was a catastrophe, and then he missed most of this season with an elbow injury, which he just had Tommy John surgery on. He will never be worth his contract even at his best, but if he returns to his Tampa Bay form he is still an All-Star and I think Dodger Stadium will be a great ballpark for him. Great fielder. I would not be surprised if he comes back as an All Star, but this contract hung over the Sox like a guillotine.

Josh Beckett: **** him and his fat ****ing face. I literally don't care if he wins the next two NL Cy Young's. I am so sick of his face, of his being out-of-shape, of his not caring that he sucks, of his smugness.

Every year a Cy Young nom or a 5.00 ERA is in play. Because he only cares when he cares. Constantly hurt and unproductive because he is always out of shape. I will never boo him because he was the most important guy on the 07 championship team (don't win without him), but he needed to go.

He has been awful this year. ****ing awful. You don't even want to look at his ERA+.

Hope that was helpful.

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