Thread: Speculation: Where will Andrei Kostitsyn go?
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08-25-2012, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Generally View Post
Not a problem in the locker room? Didn't Poile publicly state they aren't bringing him back specifically cause he was?

lol. Gee, who will I believe, an actual NHL GM who has dealt with him or infatuated Montreal fans on Internet Forum HFBoards???

He hasn't signed anywhere cause no one wants him. KHL here he comes!!
He was one of the most liked in the locker room. Sure he did go out when he was younger, sure he did stupid things.. But that's is personal life, nothing hockey related/locker-room . This doesnt excuse the fact that he was out on a game eve. But it was still overblown.. 45 Minutes, and they we're sobber.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
He's not known for being the sharpest tool in the shed... IF what you're saying is true (and I highly doubt it), he's dumber than I thought for not taking it. I'd be shocked if he had an offer in the NHL.
You're right about this what is the difference between a 40 goal scorer or a 20 ? Hockey IQ, AK has shown limited IQ. But he still can complete incredible plays.
Yet, you're a delusional hater. You should know that his wife just came over to america with his kid and that his familly is really wealthy back in Bielorussia.

Originally Posted by RehnX View Post
I've never really paid attention enough, who were his typical linemates in Montreal? Watching highlight videos of him shows a player who has brilliant skill and knows how to use his size to his advantage, I know people have said he was inconsistent, but does he show that same level of skill every game or does he get lazy during bad stretches?

The only thing I could think is he's a player who was, at least partially, a victim of his linemates.

(as a hockey fan I)Would love to see him with either Malkin/Sid, Datsyuk, or even Backstrom.
During his best season he played with Kovalev and Plekanec, AK had a career year. Next year Plekanec and Kovalev we'rent shades of themselves and he still managed a 20 goal season. In 09-10 he was on pace for a 50-60 points season and was our best forward before getting rammed viciously to the head by Kurt Sauer and went out with a concussion for I think 20 games and had a very slow rehab..Still managed 33 points...(iN 50 ISH GAMES..). He had another great season with Plekanec scoring 20, leading in hits...And then came this year... Where he was amazing with Eller at the start of the year but got kicked on Gomez wing to kickstart him... Didnt work then AK got all the crap and was kicked down to the 4th line by Cunneyworth...He then got back with Eller and they had a good stretch then Cunneyworth reunites Gomez and AK again... And the season ended like that. AK was on pace for another 20-50 season before getting bumped on Gomez wing.

Originally Posted by Honour Over Glory View Post
Just an example...take it however you want.

Neal was a 20 goal scorer in Dallas with Ribeiro and Richards.

Neal is a 40 goal scorer after 1 full season with Malkin. Not saying Kostitsyn could do the same, but I wouldn't rule out 30 if he had chemistry with Sid or Geno. I mean think real hard about this...he wants to stay in the NHL, if you are given the opportunity to play for a legit contender and a shot at playing with either of the 2 best centers in the find new motivation to prove everyone that doubted you that you can change and be better.

There are plenty of cases where a player hasn't changed and AK could be in that pile too, but I kind of want to give him the benefit of the doubt first, he didn't play with an elite center in his entire career on either the preds or habs, until he does and fails...I'll be optimistic about the kid.
I don't think he could be a 40 goal scorer in this league, he lack's consistency.. Maybe on a year where he got extremely lucky and being centered by elite centers.. But I still 30 is still plausible..

Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
I'm sort of surprised the Rangers are in on Doan, but not on AK considering Doan's insane demands (if true).

AK can play the kind of game the Rangers would want him to play (minus the insane amount of shotblocking - but I feel that will change with this year's team and having the puck a lot more often than less) I think AK could provide a similar amount of secondary scoring and skill the Rangers would need at a lot lower of a price than Shane Doan.

AK could easily slot into the Rangers top-6 moving Hagelin to the 3rd line where he won't burn himself out like he did last season. 84 games of skating at 100+ mph every shift will do that to you.

Maybe it's the character issues keeping the Rangers away.
He wouldn't do good under Torts. He need's to get rubbed the right way or he gets underconfident and makes more and more mistakes..He's kinda fragile mentally.

Originally Posted by Fuelled by Passion View Post
Apparently. Every NHL season of AK-46's career he has played in PO. Doesn't look like MC is going to be in playoffs in next 2-3 years, so yeah he is not the answer.
I really don't understand all the hate the guy gets. Well, I can understand that a user with nickname Lucic will hate him. It is hard to accept that a guy you name yourself after is been knocked on his booty every time he collides with Andrei.
Doesn't make sense to see habs fans hate him. Did he not live up to the standards some fans wanted him to be? Was he getting paid 7m+ and did nothing for the team? He was mainly playing on a third line with line-mates like Moen, Eller or Gomez and still managed to put in average 45 points in a season. Well if you wanted him to be that elite player, maybe just maybe you should provide him with elite line-mates. Maybe he shouldn't be demoted from his line when he was bringing it to try and get Gomez or Gionta going.
Comments about contract year for European player were just as ugly as a story about him been criminal. Montreal police tried so hard to find anything but failed, twice. But some people chose to believe this story is true, just because they want it to be true. The fact is that every time I watch highlights for visually amazing goals scored by MC Andrei will be involved in good 2/3 of them. Another fact is that MC fail to develop their 1-st rounders. It smells like he is a scape-goat more than anything else.
Cancer in locker-room? Well I've heart he was one of most loved players in Montreal's locker room. So where this BS coming from?
The story with Radu is totally overblown. 1 hour at most late WITH NO ALCOHOL or partying included? Gimme a break. Read this story first and tell me if you think Poile wasn't over-reacting or maybe finding excuses why the team lost....

To sum it up. If someone thinks that Shane Doan 35 years old with 28 points in 55 PO games worth 7 mil and AK (8 years younger) with 23 points in 49 PO games (has almost same numbers and same experience) doesn't belong to NHL I feel pity for them
I wouldn't go out and say AK is elite. It's statement like that that make people think he's lazy/sucks etc..

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