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08-25-2012, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
Uh, more experienced? Belanger and Kaberle are both vets of 10+ seasons. If you are talking about being a seasoned vet compared to our D, the you have to accept we'd be losing a seasoned vet for our 4th line C, with our only conceivable replacement being Lander (56 career games played).

Secondly, Kaberle brings nothing in the way of grit or D. He has an excellent first pass and stretch pass, but is only a slightly above average option playing the point on the PP. One problem though, he is a lefty, and if you knew anything about the Oilers PP you'd realize everything starts with The Nuge on the right side half wall, meaning he needs a RHD as a trigger man. Because of this, Kaberle truly offers nothing to our team. These are our likely pairings. Explain to me who he replaces...

Smid-Petry. Smid is our only true shutdown guy and does so very well. Think of him as our Gorges. Would you play Kaberle ahead of Gorges? Petry is still raw defensively, but a better skater, more physical and a RHD.

Whitney-NSchultz. Whitney is a similar player to Kaberle, but is bigger and (while not a force by any stretch) still more physical than Kaberle. Schultz is a glue guy on the back end, and though Kaberle is much better at creating chances/offence, Schultz brings the same on the defensive side. We traded Gilbert (another Kaberle comparable) to acquire Schultz for a reason.

Sutton-JSchultz. Ok, yes Kaberle in terms of on ice value likely brings more than either of these two (though I personally believe Schultz is the real deal and will put up 40pts next year due to PP time), but that doesn't mean he is the right fit. Schultz will get first unit PP time and sheltered bottom pairing minutes. Obviously to succeed and play his game comfortably he will need a stay at home Dman with toughness (to stick up for him). Both Sutton and Peckham will provide this as our 6/7 guys.

At the end of the day, Belanger fills a greater need than Kaberle. If this isn't a good enough explanation as to why, then I'm not sure you're ever going to understand.
Hopefully this post doesnt get ignored.

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