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12-04-2003, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
Yeah, it might have given us 92 points the year we missed the playoffs, but maybe if there was no OT point, and the same rate of ties existed as before, the Oilers might have made the playoffs, so using it as an argument against Mac-T isn't really fair, because there is no real basis for it.
There is no real basis using the 90+ points as an argument that he must be a good coach either. (getting back to the jist of my original post)

But getting to what your saying now. There was a thread on here a while back. (before the big crash) were posters were pointing out that if the NHL didn't have the OTL point Phoenix(?) would have gotten in before the Oilers the year before they missed with 92 points. (I believe)

So as you can see your "observation" would have worked against the Oilers 3 seasons ago.

The only thing I was trying to get across (in this thread) is that alot of people are putting too much emphasis on the fact that MacT has accomplished 90+ point seasons. No it's not poor. But I think it gets brought up too often as one af the few positives during his tenure.

That's all.

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