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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I am aware of that but look at the kings last year the cap was 64.3 million and their 4 biggest cap hits in total was 22.072 million or 34% with a cap of 70 million the big four would need a combined caphit of 24 million or 4 caphits of 6 million each (what Hall got) in other words their is no problem resigning the core.
I'm not saying that the Oilers will have any trouble signing their core. Any team in the league can afford 4 players. I'm saying the Oilers need to capitalize on their cheap entry level salaries in order to afford talented depth, or they should be getting home town discounts. If they can't get deals, then they'll have to settle with cheaper depth players.

The Kings are sitting on some absolute steals for contracts. They probably saved 3-5 million in total with Williams, Brown, and Quick discount contracts, thereby allowing them to afford a Carter or Penner salary as their depth players. The Oilers are only sitting on steal contracts because they're entry level. That will change soon.

The Blackhawks could afford to obtain Hossa because depth players like Ladd and Byfuglien were entry level cheap. But that couldn't last forever, and similarly the Oilers will have to cough up money to keep their depth players.

Either you get discounts, or you get it done quickly before you sign some big cheques. That's the rebuild strategy in a cap world, IMO anyways.

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