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08-25-2012, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by truestingfan View Post
its easy to hide behind these posts so why don't you say who you are, Dave?
No, my name isn't Dave, not sure who you mean. 6 posts, you are the keener I was referring to. Was really wondering if there are any more gullible people left in this town to back this pathetic ownership group.

Go back and read my posts (sorry if they are more than two sentences), I have backed them with facts and predictions. Do the same! Do you think the Sting will make the playoffs? Ah, is one of the goalies we developed going to backstop us to the playoffs this year?

Mark my words, the attendence will be down significantly this year. I previously posted the dramatic decline of this organization's attendence over the years since the new arena. Attendence has been down, year to year, every year since this arena has been built, except for 2 years. History has shown it will decline this year, I would bet on it, with their raising of ticket prices, and now parking costs, I predict a 10% decline in attendance. This organization was in the top 5 of attendance at one time - they are heading towards the bottom third. Make no mistake, two years ago, they were very close to going below a 3000 average attendance. I a predicting that they will fall below the 3000 mark and as I have previously posted, franchises typically get sold when they fall below 2500 average attendence.

There are some character players on this team, too bad this organization can't match their class. This team may squeek into the playoffs as is, but I don't think so. They are faced with trading away some quality young players to pay for our playoff run last year, meaning another couple of down years after this year. But maybe you would like to predict differently.

BTW, what's your name, Cindy Ciccerelli?

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