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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
Uh how about both?We have the cap space even signing Ennis to a ~2.5 cap hit contract by putting Pardy in the AHL.Next season just by Regehr and Leopold coming off the books there would be 7 million to earmark towards Doan.And we have enough Dmen in the pipeline to replace those 2.
keep vanek... dont keep vanek... it's not really a big deal to me. i'll trade him to acquire pieces we need or let him play out his contract

Do you want to resign vanek if his statistics over the next 2 years are in the same ball park as this past season? do you want to re-sign him if he's a 25 goal scorer?

is that really hard to replace? considering, goal scoring is pretty much the only thing he brings to the table

I'd put Leino in the AHL to gain cap space since you just said the Sabres are a team with "endless financial abilities" instead of just letting Vanek walk for nothing.You let your personal vendettas get in the way of making the Sabres a better team.It's laughable you would rather have a 38 year old Shane Doan making 7.5 a year instead of re-signing a top LW in the league at age 30 to a contract lower then his current caphit.
that's an option... although, it certainly would have a negative affect on the image of the franchise, and its ability to draw free agents.

yea, personal vandetta.... whatever, the only person i care about is the logo on the front of the sweater... im not attached to individuals like you are.

For the record I condone the Doan signing but as an addition to the current roster and to make the cap space available by trimming the fat, not trying to dump our best offensive player for nothing.3 days ago you were suggesting trading Vanek for Niklas Hjalmarsson No one besides someone with an unwarranted personal hatred for a player would ever suggest trading a premier LW in the NHL for a 2nd pairing d-man
i would definitely trade vanek for hjalmarsson and kruger/mcneil/pirri

i know.. im so stupid... so stupid that i started proposing roy for ott last season...

Wrong.Vanek will be re-signed because Darcy Regier knows how difficult it will be to acquire a forward with Vanek's scoring prowess to come to Buffalo.You think he hasn't learned from his first 2 FA periods under Pegula that even with unlimited money you can't even get a top notch UFA to sign in Buffalo?And don't even mention trading for one, because that is just terrible asset management by letting a proven 1st line LW walk for nothing and then turn around and trading the massive assets it would take to acquire a Vanek caliber player.
when have i ever said let vanek walk? obviously, we should trade him at the deadline in 2014

there is no way vanek is re-signed... unless regier/ruff are fired.

That statement was just as relevant and true as you calling Vanek a "garbage" skater.And I'm curious to see why it isn't a valid point to bring up the futility of the teams that Andrej Sekera has been on, especially since according to you he has been our best defenseman.Contract means nothing in the grand scheme of things,a player needs to perform regardless of salary

vanek is a garbage skater... name a skill player who is worse? dave andreychuk doesn't play anymore... one "first liner" who skating ability is worse, more pathetic then vanek's?
i need a luagh... i cant think of anyone off the top of my head.

Sekera has scored 30+ points one time in his whole life...OHL,AHL and NHL.Like I said his team's have won one playoff series his whole life, but playoff success is only attributed to single players when it comes to your side of the argument right?
nope... only when there is a correlation around a group of players, their role, and their salary... you know a "core"

Blaming Vanek for our lack of playoff success over the years is a joke, especially since in 10-11 he carried our team down the stretch to even MAKE the playoffs, but that hasn't stopped you from giving him full blame of it.And when it's your boy that's brought up in the SAME EXACT scenario (no playoff success) you just spin excuses attributing that it's "not the same", except that it is.
so rochester core and sekera are equals... got it.

making excuses for your teams "best players" is the joke...

ps only people who have a "boy" talk like that... i don;t have any "boys", all i have is quality analysis of players.
(i ripped sekera to shreds for 2 years of suspect play...
i defended vanek in arguments against joshjull numerous times in the past... when he deserved to be defended)

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