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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I am aware of that but look at the kings last year the cap was 64.3 million and their 4 biggest cap hits in total was 22.072 million or 34% with a cap of 70 million the big four would need a combined caphit of 24 million or 4 caphits of 6 million each (what Hall got) in other words their is no problem resigning the core.
Bit different than LA, and although I understand your point here, have to take a look at what they're spending their money on vs Edmonton.

Edmonton: Finesse Scorer, Finesse Scorer, Finesse Scorer & Clutch Worker Scorer
LA: Leader + Two way scorer (Richards), Finesse Scorer (Carter), Big body set-up man and scorer (Kopitar) & Top 10 Dmen in the League (Doughty).

So, while let's say that Edmonton gives 6 million for each of their four studs combining up to 24 million on a cap of 70 million, they're using up about 34% of their salary on guys who mostly all play the same role. Meaning they now have 66% of their salary to find all the rest of the puzzle pieces. In LA at the end of the day, with that core of 4 you will have a successful team; in Edmonton you will have to surround them with the proper pieces to go for it all.

I honestly think that Edmonton should try and move one of the 4 to get themselves a Dman, a big time Dman. Or they should have drafted Murray with the first overall.

Eberle + Hall + RNH & Murray + Schultz would be more than enough that in two years time could really be a solid team.

Don't get me wrong with my next statement here, while I wish Calgary had so much young talent in the pipeline, I think HF fanboys and most analysts are giving Edmonton too much credit. Yes, they drafted 4 really good players who could all potentially be perennial 70-90 point players (I think Eberle might have topped out this year, I don't see him as a guy who can do 70-80 every year) in the future... I don't see this makeup becoming a powerhouse in the NHL like Pitts or even Chicago.

While everyone points to those two franchises as the "take a look what a full rebuild does!" You have to really see what they got during their rebuilds.
Edmonton doesn't have a Crosby, Malkin or Staal type player in any respect, nor do they have the more balanced: Toews, Keith, Seabrook, Byfuglien (hope I spelled that right) or a Ladd (They have a lot of Kanes) make up.
I have a sneaking suspicion that Edmonton could easily be compared to a team like Tampa in the near future. A ton of scoring, where one year they're a great team, the next year they have a GAA of over 3.2. But that's just me, and I've accepted I'm probably going to get flamed in a bit here.

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