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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
I've been a staunch DD defender all this thread but come on Dryden, comparing Desharnais to Giroux?

Desharnais has great vision but he doesn't have the skills or speed to be a superstar. Thats about as likely as him being fodder on the fourth line in the near future (like Habscup suggests)

I think the truth lies between your two arguments. A 20 year old rookie is not the same as a 25 year old rookie. The 20 year old will grow physically and gain much maturity as well as gain experience and learn. The 25 year old won't grow physically (he can still get stronger, but not as much) and he should already be more mature. He can still gain experience, learn and work on weaknesses however. Think of Emelin for example, he's as old as Desharnais yet he gets better every game as he adapts to the NHL. The difference is bigger between KHL and NHL than AHL and NHL but there is still a need for adaptation.

If Desharnais was 20 we could expect him to score 80 or more points in the near future. Since he's older we can expect him to get better but mainly from adapting to NHL speed and style of play. It is unlikely (but not impossible) that he scores 80 or more points but its far from unreasonable to expect that he gets better. How it translates in points depends much on the team and how they play.

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