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08-25-2012, 05:52 PM
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Great forum. I've enjoyed using math on sports since the time when calculators were larger than today's cell phones. Mine had a standard deviation button to go along with basic operations, pi, square root and memory keys. Before that I used a pencil and many large erasors.

I love cosmology and earned a degree in pure math. Along the way I found an interest in the history of math and cosmology. My interests are mostly on theory but I have been known to get obsessive compulsive towards calculations.

IMHO this kind of forum represents the Internet at it's best, reflective of it's roots perhaps. I look forward to lurking and throwing in my two cents from time to time.

One big question: How does one get hockey stats onto one's own computer? Do I have to copy and paste year by year? Is it possible to have a database (for spread sheet use) available for download to users of this forum?

ATM I'm interested in player stats. I want every player's goals and assists. If we can't dl then maybe we can contribute to a project to compile them here. I believe this would greatly enhance outcomes in this forum. TY

And thanks to all those responsible for creating this forum.

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