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08-25-2012, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by King Lui View Post
You realize almost any industry can have a work stoppage, right? As long as there is an organized union, there is the possibility.
Right. My point would go for anyone in such an industry.

These people working for the organization are held hostage to the owners and players right now. They have absolutely no say, yet their careers are at stake. They're being squeezed in the middle. They also had to proceed as normal and prepare for the entire season, in the event that there was/is a small chance the season happens. So while they may lose ~4 months of work, they still had to do all the necessary work (if not more with contingency plans) to prepare for a regular or sudden launch.
So? They chose to work in the industry. If they didn't realize the risk, they were being foolish.

As a fan, you may lose a season of entertainment, but as an employee, they may lose their career.
So, why should I feel sorry for someone who gambled that their career, in an industry that has had multiple work stoppages, wouldn't be affected by a work stoppage and lost?

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