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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
As a second Oilers fan coming in peace I will ask this, is there any conceivable way you guys alter your path and go rebuild route? Also, would you guys get behind it? I ask this from the perspective of an armchair GM who sees the perfect storm, a stellar upcoming draft class and a middling team with two aging stars nearing the end of their contracts. The thing is, at least your team has enough grit and character to make the games watchable if you do sell off Kipper and Iggy. As an Oil fan, the 09-10 season was flat out painful watching Nilsson, POS and the like just coast and avoid contact.

What could Iggy fetch? Kipper? I'm thinking each would net a 1st and very good prospect, in a draft that may be comparable to 2003. On one hand I want it to happen to watch Feaster eat his words, on the other I want to see legit battles of Alberta as well as western road trips be referred to as death valley again.
I wouldn't get behind an Oilers style rebuild. I wouldn't want to (1) promote those who built a failing team, such as Lowe and MacTavish, (2) Pack it in, call it quites and hope that the league handi-cap delivers a good pick, and/or (3) expect winning efforts from Hall, Eberle, Gagne, Hemsky etc. all of sudden after being brought up in a culture of losing.

If I were too rebuild I would: (1) Fire those who built a failing team, (2) Trade my core players for pieces that would help me compete now, and (3) Spend to the cap and expect to win games. Fire coaches and trade players if they don't want to win.

Something along those lines. I prefer a Flames/Senators re-tool rather than an Oilers rebuild.

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