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08-25-2012, 10:15 PM
Johnny Caravella
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OK, I'm late to the party. But I will offer up some thoughts anyway...

For those of you complaining there is no evidence you obviously do not follow cycling. I suggest you familiarize yourself with journalists David Walsh and Paul Kimmage. Read up on Lance's former masseuse Emma O'Reilly and what she has publicly stated about the failed test in 1999. Some facts are very much out there.

This is a man who has fought tooth and nail to squelch any accusations against him by anybody. Now, when he has a chance to put it all to rest he's too tired to fight? Hardly. As bad as this current situation is for him it would have been far worse for the truth to be exposed as it would have in an arbitration case. But unfortunately for Lance he has only postponed the inevitable. Travis Tygart head of USADA has indicated that the facts will come out "at the right time".

Anybody who wants to think Lance is being railroaded is welcome to their opinion. But you're not welcome to ignore the facts just because they aren't posted on HF or in your local newspaper.

A lot more information will come out. The case is not over as there are others currently being adjudicated that overlap his. Most notably his former DS, Johan Bruyneel. The fireworks revolving around Mr Armstrong have only just begun.

As long as there are people who still think OJ Simpson didn't kill his wife and Ron Goldman I suppose there will be people who think LA is innocent too.

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