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Originally Posted by habakkuk View Post
I'd like to pass this along to the wiser and more knowledgable on the board. Can players negotiate a clause in their contract which would stipulate they are paid in the event of a work stoppage, either a strike or a lock-out? I believe players unable to play because of existing injuries may be exempt from lockout but could it apply to others?
Why would you want this? It means players could happily sit out for 2 years if required.

No I don't believe in screwing the players, but the avg salary is now 1.8 mill, clearly they have savings, and they have a war chest from the union.

Further, the owners were stupid and made them lay 8% aside in escrow. That means checks of 100-200 grand for every player in October, more cash to survive a long lockout.

Again. I think the owners are the *******s this time, but the players do not need the clause you suggest.

The owners would never give it to them anyway, as lockouts would then have zero economic effect on the players. Only their desire to play would be frustrated, and they can do that elsewhere in a lockout.

Perhaps you should have put it differently:

Give the players lockout immunity in order to strip the owners of the lockout option. Good luck with that. Not going to happen unfortunately.

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