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08-25-2012, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by King Lui View Post
Losing a job is not a setback in life? Good grief...
I said it was a setback and that I had the basic sympathy that I have for anyone who has such a setback

It's also not an unexpected outcome for being a teacher, nurse, doctor, fire fighters, police officer, assembly worker, pilot, autoworker, professor - heck you can name pretty much any profession you want. These are all professions that are directly affected by unexpected or expected work stoppages. It doesn't mean you can't feel empathy for their situation. These people have no input to negotiations. They can't vote to get back to work and make sure hockey is played in October. They are held hostage in all of this you realize?
Well, duh. Of course, I realize they have no say. But anybody who works in a NHL-related profession should have realized that a lockout on September 15, 2012 was likely for the past several years. So, they should have set money aside to be ready for it. Either that or leave and get a job in another field.

I sure hope you have a lot more "sympathy" in real life as you say than what you're exhibiting here on this forum.
Yes, it's too bad. Nobody should have to go through it, but it's not like this was some kind of unforeseen tragedy.

What would you have done in the situation then?
As I said above, make sure that I had money set aside based on the assumption I would end up out of work for at least 3 or 4 months. Either that or get a job in a different field.

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