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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
There is no guarantee that Edler resigns. So all of that make him feel welcome stuff means nothing if he walks. Either he's signed before the deal goes down or his value is that of a soon to be UFA. Which is to say greatly lessened. A GM who trades a 21 year old who just scored 30 goals and is under team control for at least 4 more seasons on the "hope" that the best piece coming back is going to resign needs to be fired.

Raymond did score 25 3 years ago. And he scored 11 the year before that, 15 two years ago, and 10 last year. He's averaged 14 goals a season over his 5 seasons. (Granted that's with a 49 game and 55 game season in there). That's still not anywhere close to 2nd line player caliber. He's nowhere near skilled enough to be in the top 6, and not a very physical presence on the bottom 6. And he's an upcoming UFA as well.

So Kane for 2 soon to be UFA's? If you were the GM of the Jets you would seriously consider that? 28 teams in the league would offer twice that, and pretty much every Canuck fan would as well I would think.
The post I quoted originally talked about getting Edler or Hamhuis for Kane. I'm a fan of Edler, and I wanted to talk about getting players the organization knows well and can keep long term vs. a player who isn't likely to have a long career here (5 years tops). Not to mention integral players on a team with a taste of the Stanley Cup experience. If you could have Edler for many years more than Kane, is that a good starting point? But there is no way to negotiate with Edler unless he is with the organization, otherwise it is tampering. The whole deal is hypothetical, and I am not hellbent on trading Kane. As a whole you would have to add more for the trade be feasible, you are entirely correct in this respect. It's not a deal I would make, it's players I would covet. Perhaps I should have stated this to begin with, to avoid a series of disagreements/misunderstandings...Apologies for the disrespect.

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