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08-26-2012, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by kack zassian View Post
False. Other teams fans are trying to convince us hes a backup goalie with a horrible contract.
To be fair, that's just the Blackhawks fans.

The rest of us are trying to explain that Luongo has less value than his skill would otherwise dictate due to:

a) the circumstance of the situation (trade request from a player with a contract that contains a NMC almost always result in trades that see NMC players go for less than their skill value would dictate, regardless of how amicable the relationship seems at the moment)
b) the fact that since the lockout, goalies tend to have less trade value than position players
c) the fact that there is significant precedent to support both claim A and B.
d) the length and cap hit of his contract weighed against the uncertainty of what the new CBA will hold (whenever it gets resolved). This last point is a guess, as we haven't seen any players over 30 with "long term cap circumvention"-style deals (long term deals, front loaded with salary and back-loaded with hyper-declining salaries) dealt yet, although most people seem to agree that the contract does present a hurdle in trade talks, and would hurt value.

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