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08-26-2012, 01:57 AM
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$5,000,000 cap space

The lastest NHLPA proposal suggested a way for teams to be able to trade cap space between them. An idea some GM like Brian Burke has suggested time to time.

So just for fun, lets speculate how much a one year 5 000 000$ cap space would worth.

Let say a team like NYI was trading it to the highest bidder.

So Flyers, Rangers, Vancouver, Boston, Calgary, Minnesota, Toronto, Chicago & Tampa fans, or fans from any other team who might need cap space, how much would you offer?
For the purpose of this thread, We can imagine the space you are getting could be used to get Shane Doan.

Take note that it make less sense to offer player with a NHL contract for cap space. In doing that you need to add this player contract you are freeing to the cap space you are getting. My guess is most trade for cap space would be for Pick & prospect.

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