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08-26-2012, 01:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Bruinator View Post
Actually, i do regret the kaberle trade. Yes i know we won the cup yadayada, but Kaberle was brought in to fix our power play and it was clearly far worse with him in the fold and he was eventually limited to 13 minutes a night. Clearly the Bruins won the cup indpite of him and not because of him. Joe Colbourne is still a really good prospect, the 1st rounder would have been better had Bruins scouts selected it and the 2nd rounder, the leafs turned into jm liles. Sorry, we took a bath on that deal plain and simple. Never could understand Chias man crush on Kaberle. Way over rated as anyone who watched him on a regular basis could attest to. Thank God Burke balked at Chias original offer of Kessel and Bruins 1 st Caron for Kaberle and Leafs 1st Kadri. I wouldnt even trade Caron for akadri straight up now and can you immagine Kaberle instead of Seguin, Hamilton and Knight for Kessel? Ouch!
Kaberle wasn't great for us but I don't regret the trade. The next guy on the depth chart was Shane Hnidy, who really wasn't NHL caliber anymore. Kaberle didn't help the pp but still managed to help the offense with 11 assists in the playoffs, Hnidy certainly wouldn't have done that. After a bad start to the playoffs, Kaberle played alright defensively, though lower minutes. Really on a good team that is exactly what Kaberle is: a 3rd pairing pp specialist.

It seemed like we gave up quite a bit but Colborne hasn't proven much of anything to date, and a 30th pick and a late second because we made the finals.

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