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08-26-2012, 02:08 AM
Nick Rash
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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
I really like Dorsett but that is a huge lowball offer. How about Jones for Erixson? Same thing bud, maybe even a better offer from the Oilers end. You seem genuine enough but trust me this is a terrible proposal.
I never said he was an enforcer but playing on Columbus he made more happen every shift more than anyone on the roster he may have not generate much offence doing this but this is on a team going nowhere, he brought it every shift he fought all the BIG guys even though it was Columbus and would have little effect on the outcome he defended himself and his team on a team like the Oilers that type of energy and leadership is needed and would be needed as well as instantly being a fan favorite and selling jerseys etc...he would grow with the core and have a spot in the bottom 6 that would not need to be looked at improving in the next decade. Its not a whos better proposal but addressing a need that few players in the league can bring for his age and price and abilty he is a championship piece a player built for playoff hockey.

so what would be needed to add from the Jackets '"be realistic"

or what pieces could EDM offer-- Dorsett is not a goon or a throw in he is a rare commodity who is young cheap and does the things few will every shift every game.

Columbus is rebuilding so Tubert and a fifth just doesent cut it

maybe klefbom-khabby for dorsett-mason Jackets get a mentor for bob and the oilers get the grit toughness and a platoon goalie to challenge dubnyk Klefbom is an expensive move but it improves the Oilers dramatically Now and going forward .

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