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OT: Yahoo Canucks Board ROTO League. Year 8. 2012/2013


2 new players needed as I will kick out the last 2-3 placed players from last year.


1/19/2013, 8pm PST (Vancouver time)

For those of you dont know, this is a league as official as it gets for Canucks Board Yahoo Fantasy Hockey for Rotissarie League.

This is officially year 9 baby! (unofficially 10th year, since 2003)

Winner of Last Year will be highlighted and Bolded the following year!

Lets get started

This is Rotissarie League!

This is the same league with the same rules that was run from last 6 years!
2009/2010 Canucks Board 1000+ Post League Thread / Result

2012 First Place: DOGWOOD

Rule NUMBER ONE: Casual Trash Talking is ENCOURAGED. Anything on Hockey. No personal attacks or "extreme coarse" languages.

I do encourage people who played in the same league join again (but ONLY IF you can play competitively and ACTIVELY again)

We will have 14 teams again this year.

Here it is.

The Usual players, better sign up!!


Again, this is for those who are SERIOUS and ACTIVE (for the entire year) ONLY. I know I can only take your word for it (being active), but PLEASE DO Not ruin the fun for those who want to have fun through trading and being active!

Please Speak UP about your preferred time/date in PST!! (I, for one, am on EST, but since majority would be in PST, lets use PST as the standard time here)

We try to accommodate as many as possible and I do expect at least 9-11 of us present at draft time, which was the case last year. If you cannot be there, PRE-Rank your players so that you'd at least be 80% satisfied with your team if not more.


Those who do not join the league, I will PM League ID and Password to wait list people.Those who are on the wait list can join the league at any time. It is first come first serve basis.

I am sorry, if you cannot join the team and check the PM at least ONCE a week, you are kidding yourself and us that you will be active for the year.

LEAGUE RULES and Scoring

We have decided that

1) Scoring:
Offense: G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, GWG,
Defense: W, GAA, SV%, SHO

2) Roster:

2C, 2LW, 2RW, 4D, 1 UTILITY, 2G, 5 Bench, 1 IR

Total games per each position is 92.

3) Every team must start their G at least 3 times a week.

BE There, and if you cannot be there, PM ME. If majority of the players can make it, this is it.9
For those who CANNOT be there, PRE-RANK your top 200 players!! That way, You would still get 80% of the team you want!

OR else, you'll probably be on the bottom 6 of the league and give up by X'mas


I am almost sure that there will be, again, TWO leagues this year. One will be run by myself and One by Vancity Millionaires (H2H)

1. PhillyNucksFan
2. RandV - The A-Team
4. Balls Mahoney
5. King Lui
7. BBB - Bango
8. cooker
9. Liquid Snake
10. Dogwood
11. The Seekers
13. RD
14. VCM

Backup Reserve List (If the above people who did not join the league by 10/1/2011)


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