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Saturday Papers

Saturday, August 25th Jets, CBA and General NHL news

Note: Tune into the Illegal Curve Hockey Show on TSN Radio 1290 from 9-11 am today as the guys have an action packed 2 hours of hockey talk. Today’s guests is Ryan Rishaug (TSN Edmonton).

Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press: Jets return sees no sign of crashing. Well I’m not sure what I will be doing in 2035, but I’m glad to know that I will still be able to watch the Jets play and that Illegal Curve should be still providing the most up-to-date Jets coverage around.

Winnipeg Sun: Kane agent shoots down trade rumour. Will the rumours never cease? It is interesting to see reporters use their ‘reporting capital’ to go out on a limb and report a rumour of this nature. But since this feels like the 50th time this has been done regarding Kane and Winnipeg, we can just add it to the list (see below).

Yahoo’s Puck Daddy: Brief history of Evander Kane trade request denials. That is one long list, albeit compiled in a short period of time.

ESPN: Uni Watch Power Rankings. The Jets jersey was seen as middle of the road in the NHL rankings and got lost within the 4 sports leagues (72nd out of 122). Is this merited? If you recall (IC: Reactions to the Jets jersey with Reebok designer Dominique Fillion) the Jets only had a short window of time in which to design and put together a new jersey. Where would you rank the Jets out of the 30 teams in the NHL?

CBA news:

Edmonton Journal: Five burning questions surrounding NHL labour talks. Unfortunately we might not ever get straight answers but these are some important questions to be asking.

National Post: ‘Players aren’t afraid of a lockout,’ Donald Fehr says. Is this headline best summed up as “say the complete opposite of what you are really thinking”? Of course the players fear a lockout. A short term blip might be passable but anything that goes long, and I think you will start to see some division in this unity.

Montreal Gazette: NHL bargaining – Elusive magic number. It really seems like bargaining 101. Get some numbers, meet in the middle where nobody is happy. That’s how you know you’ve reached a compromise as neither side feels as if they’ve won.

Toronto Star: Owners daft to think US fans will miss NHL. The NHL popularity seems to be at an all-time high in the United States, but is that sufficient to prevent the league from trying to fix the breaks in the system, even if that means a stoppage? Devotion to maintaining US popularity doesn’t appear to be impacting Bettman & company just yet. A 2004-05 NHL lockout timeline -then and now. How is it that we are just 8 years removed from the previous lockout. Have you picked up on any similarities or differences this time around?

For the Jets, CBA and General NHL news click here.

CFL Report:

Illegal Procedure: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Papers. If you are a fan of CFL football, check out our other site, which gives you all the latest Bombers news as well as their next opponent (Saskatchewan Roughriders) and links from around the CFL.

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