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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
Perhaps but, stats are completely worthless evaluating goaltending talent so you better have the best eyes available.

Ever notice how drafting goaltenders is a complete roll of the dice? Even the best eyes can mess it up and the stats don't help at all.
Somewhat accurate. All the stats available will not help when it comes down to recognizing fundamental flaws. Example a goalie whose skates leave the ice when descending into the butterfly.Goalies can get away with such flaws and have impressive junior or NCAA performances but they will be exposed by the much faster/mature NHL game.

Conversely scouts and GMs micro analyze goalie stats. Example SV% is broken down into provenance of shots in the defensive zone while goalies are broken down by type - low,medium, high, left, right, center etc. Then you have the combine, testing data, the the pre draft workout data etc.This data is used to evaluate and develop pre and post draft.

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